Zart (Bad Aibling) It was almost as if a spark crossed between his lips and her hand.
Sesler (Zuerich (Kreis 12)) Her fingers tingled and her legs became rubbery and weak.
Kurschner (Ul'yanovka) Her heart raced and she knew.
Marasco (Saint-Genis-les-Ollieres) She knew she could not let Roger go.
Liguori (Nailloux) This bothered him.
Montealegre (Hauge) Maybe, he was not glamorous enough for her, perhaps not romantic enough.
Stremming (Zenzeli) That is the only explanation.
Cahela (Hartmannsdorf) Suddenly the duke got an inspiration.
Ponte (Partizanske) Sir Roger had already come to blows with Deirdre, the oldest and most dangerous dragon in the kingdom.
Corral (Stanos) With both being seriously wounded, they agreed to a truce.
Dufrene (Carcar) Sir Roger used the piece of tongue to heal his leg, but Deirdre would always speak with a lisp.
Gemaehlich (Champua) He had taken off, on his own, without seeking any advice on how to fight dragons.
Chaboya (Meilen) First of all, he was over dressed, having worn the heavy armor used for jousting.
Follin (Meaudre) Secondly, he used a broadsword which was way too heavy and clumsy for the lively lizards.
Mais (Qeshm) Without a good deal of luck, this expedition was going to end badly for the duke.
Schlaffer (Manappakkam) This confusion resulted in his killing a baby dragon, not much bigger than a cow.
Hirao (Sencelles) Besides, it really got Deirdre pissed off; and few, if any, knights thought that was a good idea.
Natt (Lundazi) Sir Roger saw the duke riding back into town, dragging his trophy, the dead baby dragon, behind his horse on a litter.
Sparano (Salamis) One of her babies had been slaughtered, and someone was going to pay, big time!
Bounds (San Antonio Heights) A very large and pissed off dragon is a difficult and tedious foe.
Rotolo (Scottsville) Dragons did not just gobble up virgins the way they did livestock.
Knipping (Khvalynsk) Dragons had to play with the virgins for a while, before eating them.
Arguello (Khortiatis) These eating habits were partially responsible for the low esteem with which the common folk held virginity.
Baquero (Lake Ripley) These weekend nihilists were in the mood for trouble, as always.
Libby (Sant Cristofol de les Fonts) Moving through the turnstile and past the doorman they found a comfy out of the way booth.
Brah (Al Badari) Their minds clouded as they felt that familiar heat spreading through their bodies.
Goich (Fintinele) They knew this would be a night far too depraved to forget, if they could only remember.
Schlotterbeck (Bantanto) At last their destiny was laid out before them, and it was good.
Klehn (Macara) Stumbling, pawing, groping and licking at each other, they got into the black Malibu and sped off.
Tamplin (Negri) This night had only begun.
Wechter (Papworth Everard) They barely made it through the door of the apartment with their clothes still on.
Burdock (Bartlett) Drunk and high, they staggered to the floor, still kissing, touching and grinding against each other.
Jiran (Emmering) His long lean body was plastered with tattoos.
Hornoff (Saint-Martin-de-Hinx) Demon sat, his eyes transfixed on the torrid scene unfolding before him.
American (Kalat) Divinity jolted up and they began to kiss ever so deeply, their mouths engulfing each other.
Printers (Ilfeld) Demon sprinted towards the bed, leaping onto it nearly knocking the girls off.
Pattee (Kisesa) Her arms around his neck, she tongued his mouth as she slid down onto his enormous, filling her.
Hilda (Nangavalli) His hands on her ass he began lifting her up and down on it slowly.
Stanwick (Willowick) Overwhelmed by the sheer size of it she starts screaming as she cums.
Busher (Limonade) Their bodies, slick and glistening with sweat slide against each other as they writhe.
Gongalves (Anizy-le-Chateau) He pushed, feeling her take all of him.
Coppes (Alikalia) She was so tight he had to moan almost as loudly as her.
Auel (Lapwai) Moving in and out of her, pushing and pulling, she would buck back against him.
Wheler (Woodville) His hands on her hips and his pelvis grinding against the soft, full cheeks of her ass were almost too much to take.
Meese (Bad Salzschlirf) He felt his cock swell and ache as if it was ready to burst.
Berrios (Columbus) Demon went mad, furiously pounding into her from behind.
Freels (Zorak) Doll lifted her head, her eyes rolled back in her head and roared as she came hard.
Nehring (Le Plessis-Trevise) That night they lay beaten and sore on the big four poster bed.
Stadtler (Pont-de-Veyle) Even sinners of this extreme had had their fill, but of course there was always another weekend on the horizon.
Diblasio (Trosly-Breuil) Usually I would ignore something like this since I am a happily married woman, but this man was a hunk!